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Maison Mima is a retail brand that sells children’s clothing. The goal of the
campaigns is to increase the brand’s revenue as well as its brand awareness.


Use Meta ads to increase the revenue of Maison Mima’s website.


Find a break-even point that allows Maison Mima to grow and increase its advertising expenses.


Generate more traffic to the website to set up a remarketing strategy later.


Our Socialsky experts have developed a multi-phase strategy:

Creation of a full funnel strategy

TOFU: We set up an acquisition campaign targeting a cold audience. We initially segmented the targeting based on interests.

MOFU: We then set up a remarketing campaign targeting all people who
visited the website and interacted with the ads.

BOFU: We also set up a campaign targeting all people who added items to their cart.

Content adaptation based on the funnel

We worked with the client on content that adapts to the target audience:

TOFU: A series of formats and visuals that allow us to perform A/B testing
and identify the best-performing content for a cold audience.

MOFU: Content focused on reassurance and the best visuals from the
acquisition campaign.

BOFU: A dynamic carousel with the products that people added to their cart
but did not purchase.

Regular optimizations

We regularly performed optimizations, both on the audiences and on the ads.
Our mission: keep what works and provides good profitability and change
what lowers the ROAS.

Testing creative formats

We never know in advance which format will work. It was our role as experts to test each format to determine what works best. Video, image, carousel… We meticulously analyzed each format.

Our revenue has increased by 65% since we started working with socialsky

We have seen a significant increase in our revenue since we started the campaigns with Socialsky. We also have many new customers, which is very positive!

We have also observed a significant increase in the number of followers on our social networks.


We have an average ROAS of 12.75 on the campaigns and a cost per purchase of €8.33.

We have also observed a conversion rate of 7.5% on the traffic we sent to the website.


ROAS: 12,75


CPA: 8,33€


Cost per add to cart: 0,55€

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