SEA: What is it and what are its benefits?


SEA is the acronym for Search Engine Advertising. SEA is often linked to Google Ads, which is the advertising network of Google, the most used search engine in the world. As an advertiser, you bid for visibility on keywords related to your products and/ or services, and offer relevant ads to your target audience in order to increase visibility, notoriety, traffic, sales and lead generation.

The SEA develops your visibility and notoriety

To have a chance of attracting potential customers to your website, you must first and foremost have a good presence on the search results. Simply having a website for your brand is not enough to guarantee enough traffic to hope to attract new customers. SEA offers the possibility to be present on queries related to the company’s activity at a privileged place in Google (before the natural results and at the end of the page).

With Google Ads, you pay (mostly) per action

In SEA, in most cases, the advertiser will only be billed when the user has performed an action. On the results pages and with Google partners, the advertiser will be charged per click, on YouTube per view. If the user decides not to click on the ad or to play the video, the advertiser will have benefited from free visibility.

SEA: Be present at the same level/ above your competitors

Many of your competitors are doing SEA. If you don’t follow their lead, you will have less visibility than them on Google.

By opting for an effective SEA strategy, you can be present at the same level as your competitors or even ahead of them if they do not do SEA.

Generate a qualified audience on your website with relevant and targeted messages

Since you choose the keywords/ audience you want to be present on, and with a good optimization of your campaigns, you will be exactly where you are expected.

Control your budget with Google Ads

One of Google’s key word is control. Indeed, it is very easy to follow your expenses, to define a limit, to increase and decrease your budgets. Google charges you when a certain amount is reached or monthly.

Launch your SEA campaign quickly

Launching a campaign on Google Ads can be very fast. Indeed, it only takes a few clicks to create your account and your first campaign.

At socialsky, the first impressions can even appear within one day after the launch of your SEA campaigns! This ensures that your campaign is quickly and effectively managed by a team of SEA experts.

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