“Maximize organic visibility on sought-after keywords and generate traffic with relevant content for your audiences.”

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the art of getting a page of your site to the top of the results obtained when a consumer makes a request on a search engine.

Why is it an art?

On a daily basis, our experts must understand how the algorithm of each search engine works and deploy the appropriate methods and rules in order to improve the visibility of your site’s pages. In order to be ranked, you must not only « square » a series of technical criteria but also regularly propose relevant content in relation to selected keywords.

How do we proceed?

Our savvy team of experts carries out complete audits including concrete ways to improve your natural referencing. Our audits always include a technical part –to create a solid base for your SEO strategy – but also an editorial part, with proposals for blog articles to be written.

We are at your side throughout the implementation of this audit by intervening technically on your website and by setting up a content strategy (landing pages and blog articles) thought for the users and optimized for the SEO on pertinent subjects in your field.

Case studies

Find out how we helped our clients with their Social Media, Social Ads, SEO and Web Design strategies.


Community management to strengthen Westland’s visibility and engagement.

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Social Media content to emerge and engage with a younger audience.

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