Social Media

“The Golden Rule: be present where your target is with authentic and engaging content.”

Before the advent of social media, companies used to communicate with their customers or prospects through one-way messages. Indeed TV, billboard, press are media support on which brands push their message without interacting with their audience.

With social media, everyone can make their voice heard. Companies must therefore adapt in order to create an authentic and sincere dialogue with the different communities.

Digital strategy on social media is a major challenge for companies: choosing which network(s) to activate, creating impactful/ creative content and reaching the right targets through amplification.

The 5 steps
of Social Media


Creation of a tailored digital strategy

Our experts translate your business objectives into social media goals and deliver you a customized digital strategy. At this stage, we design your digital footprint on social media and the platforms on which to be present. We determine your target audience, tone of voice, frequency of publication, performance indicators.


Creation of a monthly editorial calendar

Once the strategy is established, it’s time for action: content creation!

Every month, our team of experts creates an editorial calendar: creative ideas through brainstorming, visuals creation, multilingual copywriting. Content is THE heart of your digital strategy.


Publish and amplify

When the calendar is validated, we program the publications of the month and boost them with a budget defined beforehand.

Wondering why it’s important to boost publications?

Imagine; you create a unique masterpiece but you lock it in a cupboard: nobody will ever be able to admire it! For your publications on your page, it’s the same! Without a boost, your publication will only be seen by a part of the people following your brand, whereas with a budget, you could reach a much larger target audience and thus get a much better visibility.


Conversation Management

To be close to your target, you will have to create a link with them through your networks; respond to comments and messages and even share the stories of your community.

Thanks to our expertise, we know how to respond to all interactions on a daily basis in order to create a strong link with your communities.


Reporting and recommendation

Reporting is an essential element to evaluate the success of a digital strategy.

We develop comprehensive reports to evaluate results and provide you with recommendations for continuous performance improvement.

You want to give another dimension to your communication on social networks? Then make an appointment with one of our experts!

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