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Starbucks launched the new packaging for its coffee bottles in February. Their aim was to reach as many people as possible in Belgium and make them want to go and buy their new bottles in shop.

To achieve this, they needed a multi-channel Social Ads strategy. We had to reach users at every touchpoint.


Use advertising on Meta to maximise coverage and impressions.
The target audience on Meta is between 25 and 55 years old.


Use TikTok advertising to reach a younger audience.


Use advertising on Waze to take users directly to shops directly to the shops selling the bottles.


Our socialsky experts have developed a multi-faceted strategy:

Creating a multi-channel strategy

We identified the best channels for reaching our target audience and for our different objectives.

Meta: the most active social network today, combining a more mature audience (Facebook) with a younger audience (Instagram). This channel allows us to reach our entire target audience.

TikTok: we were also looking to reach the 18-25 age group. TikTok was the most appropriate channel.

YouTube: YouTube is now the second most popular social network. It’s also an excellent channel for broadcasting videos. With the content we were creating, we needed to position ourselves on YouTube.

Content tailored to each channel

We created content tailored to each channel.

For Meta and Tiktok, we used video content lasting just a few seconds. These platforms have a much shorter attention span than YouTube, for example.

For YouTube, we used longer video formats. Longer formats are better suited to the platform because users are looking to consume video content that sometimes lasts more than 20 minutes.

Large audiences

We tested a wide range of audiences with different interests such as coffee, coffee machines etc. We always kept the interests related to the product.

Testing creative formats

We never know in advance which format will work. It was our role as experts to test each format to determine what works best. Video, image, carousel… We went through each format with a fine-tooth comb.

The results exceeded our expectations.

This kind of campaign is reassuring in terms of our decision to communicate more and more on social networks. Once again, we are satisfied with the collaboration. We’re certainly looking forward to working with socialsky again in the future.


During the campaign, we achieved 25 million impressions with a reach of 5.5 million people for the whole of Belgium.

Our videos were viewed more than 2 million times across all channels.


Meta : 14 million impressions


YouTube: 1.4 million video views


TikTok: 400,000 video views

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