E-mail Marketing

“Reach your prospects and customers directly with personalized e-mailings at all stages of your conversion funnel.”

Differentiate yourself and attract attention

You know as well as we do, the flow of emails going out into the world on a daily basis is reaching ever increasing numbers. But how to be different and attract the attention of your audience? The socialsky team puts all its expertise at the service of your emailing campaigns to help you stand out from the crowd.

A design that reflects your brand image

The creation of « mobile friendly » emails adapted to different types of campaigns is essential to communicate the message you want to convey in the right way. We help you to prioritize the information in order to deliver the right message to your audience via this communication channel.

Techniques based on best practices

Socialsky designs all your emails according to current industry best practices such as:

  • Responsive emails (adapted to all devices on which they can be viewed)
  • An attractive storytelling consistent with your brand
  • A customer journey adapted to your customers’ profiles and behaviors
  • An optimized contact database for maximum deliverability
  • An email subject line that stands out from the crowd to get your audience’s attention

Diversified formats

At socialsky, we believe in diversifying the emails formats for your campaigns. That’s why we develop marketing automation strategies vie e-mailings (event registration, retargeting, customer retention, and many others…) but also content strategies via newsletters to build customer loyalty.

Case studies

Find out how we helped our clients with their Social Media, Social Ads, SEO and Web Design strategies.


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Social Media content to emerge and engage with a younger audience.

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