“Generate a qualified traffic on your website with relevant and targeted messages.”

What is SEA?

SEA: 3 letters for Search Engine Advertising or paid referencing on search engines. In other words, it is the paid visibility, via sponsored links, in order to find your site among the first results proposed by the search engines. SEA is particularly powerful because it allows you to position your site on targeted queries or keywords at different levels in your marketing tunnel (notoriety, engagement, conversion).

How do we proceed?

Certified Google Partner, our team of experts uses Google Ads to position itself on relevant keywords to meet your business objectives (improve your brand notoriety, generate engagement, qualified leads, calls or online purchases). Throughout the campaign, we optimize these keywords to improve performance indicators (cost per click, cost per conversion, …). Even if a SEA campaign can be launched quickly, it requires careful work in order to obtain long-term results.

We also carry out totally customized campaigns based on your sales objectives, on all Google platforms: Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping, Maps, Waze.

Case studies

Find out how we helped our clients with their Social Media, Social Ads, SEO and Web Design strategies.


Community management to strengthen Westland’s visibility and engagement.

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A Social Media strategy to increase visibility and traffic in the various ACB dealerships

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Social Media content to emerge and engage with a younger audience.

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